“Ymosodiad Dewr; Amddyffyniad Sicr”

Welsh Chess Union Annual General Meeting Agenda 2005
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Venue: Neath Constitutional Club
Date: Thursday 19th May, 7:30pm
    Apologies for absence.
    Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting.
    Executive Directors report.
    Treasurers report, and accounts for year ending 31st December 2004.
    Directors reports:-
      Publicity and Development
      Chairman of Selectors
    Proposals to be considered:-
          (Proposal A)
Proposed by:  Kevin Staveley
Seconded by: Andrew Hennessy
           Section 6 (v) (a) Replace the words “except juniors” with “including the World Youth Championships and the European Youth Championships”.
Junior Selection Committee.
Add at the “The Junior Selection Committee shall be responsible for selection of all juniors to represent Wales in end of clause the Glorney and Faber Cups and other events not expressly mentioned in 6 (v) (a).
    Add to (v) (a)   Selection Committee.
When selection for Junior Tournaments takes place the Junior Director shall be invited to attend the meeting in a voting capacity.
Amendment to be considered to the above proposal.
    Add to the end of (a) “and the Glorney and Faber Cups”
    and delete “the Glorney and Faber Cups and”  from (b)
    (Proposal B)
Proposed by:  Robert Taylor
Seconded by: Richard Miles
Add to the end of clause (4)    “Members aged 75 and over on the 1st of September shall not pay registration fees”
           (Proposal C)
Proposed by the Management Board.
That in 6(i) the phrase      “on a date and at a venue which shall be published in the Yearbook”    is removed
and the next sentence       “At least 56 days prior to the Annual General Meeting the Executive Director will notify
begins with the date and venue of the Annual General Meeting”
           (Proposal D)
Proposed by:  Richard E. Jones
Seconded by: Kath Eilbeck
That the name of the “Welsh Chess Union” shall be changed to “Chess Wales”
    Election of Officers
      Executive Director
      Deputy Executive Director
      Director of Home Chess
      Director of International Chess
      Director of Junior Chess
      Director of Publicity and Development
      Director of Media
      Director of Ladies Chess
      Chief Grading Officer
      Chairman of Selectors
      Chief Arbiter
      FIDE Delegate
      Ladies FIDE Delegate
    Appointment of two auditors.
    Appointment of Honorary Members
    (10)  Any other business