“Ymosodiad Dewr; Amddyffyniad Sicr”


Coaching Accreditation by the Welsh Chess Union



At present people looking for a coach either for themselves or their children have no reliable information  to assist them in making their choice.  A list of accredited coaches will help players to find someone with relevant experience and provide some protection for young players from unsuitable persons.


It has been decided that a  person applying for accreditation must satisfy the following requirements:


1.  That either (i) in the 12 month period immediately  preceding the application the applicant has taught at least 15 one-hour lessons  at least 10 of which were for a junior/s;

                  or  (ii)  in the three year period immediately prior to the date of the application the applicant has taught at least 50 one-hour lessons  at least 20 of which were for a  junior/s.


2.  That the applicant provides an enhanced disclosure certificate from the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) which is no more than three years old.( See notes 1,2 below.) The WCU will, if necessary, advise the applicant on how to apply for a CRB certificate.


3. That the applicant provides a character reference from a person of standing in the community and a reference from a parent of a junior that the applicant has taught during the preceding three years.


4   That the applicant must be a current member of the Welsh Chess Union.


5. That the applicant must pay a fee of Ј20 to cover administrative expenses and such fee(s) as the CRB and the WCU’s umbrella organisation may charge including any fees for the renewal of their certificates.



The application will be adjudicated by the Executive Director and the Junior Director of the WCU.  Appeals will be to the full Management Board. A certificate will be issued to successful applicants.


The list of accredited coaches will be published on the WCU website on 1st January of each year and in the Year Book.  The list will give the name ,grade, title if any, address and telephone number  of  the accredited coaches.


Note 1 Coaches must ensure that they renew their certificates at least once every three years and must provide the Executive Director with a copies of the same when requested to do so.  Failure to comply with such a request will lead to the coach’s name being removed from the list.


Note 2   If the CRB certificate discloses evidence of  criminal convictions those adjudicating the application shall consider the provisions of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act  in reaching a decision.


22nd January 2007