“Ymosodiad Dewr; Amddyffyniad Sicr”
Founded 1954


    Glorney  Faber   2008

The tournament was held this year in Liverpool as part of the City of Culture celebrations and as a prelude to the British Championships. In what we hope is now a permanent arrangement, the competition was combined with one for the younger age groups. Cups have been donated and the tournaments for the younger players will be known as the Robinson Cup (under14) and the Strong Cup (under 12). A third trophy has been donated in honour of Jessie Gilbert and this will replace the Faber trophy, so that the competition for older players will now be known as the Glorney Gilbert.

For the third year in succession the non appearance of the continental teams created problems. The format provides for five rounds and six or eight participating nations and, once again, only four nations turned up. The solution provided by the organisers was to have two extra English teams in all competitions except the Glorney and to run this as a jamboree rather than team against team. It was decided at the annual meeting that next year there will be six rounds and if, as seems very likely, the continental teams do not accept the invitation, the four home nations will play two matches against each of the others.

Due to the non availability of all of our best players, we again had a very weak team, although it was stronger than the one we fielded last year. The bottom three boards were massively outgraded by all their opponents and were consequently outplayed, although none of them gave up any game without a fight. Jac Thomas and Carl Davies battled with very strong opponents and scored one win by Jac and two draws each.

 The other three teams fought a very exciting contest, with the competition being decided in England’s favour only after four hours of the last game to finish.

The Faber Team beat Scotland 2 – 1 and drew with England B and England C to finish in joint fourth place, behind England, Ireland and Scotland.

Our most successful team was the Under 14 side, which beat the two English reserve teams and Scotland to come third behind England and a strong Irish team. The Under 12 team drew with Ireland and beat England Bishops to come fifth out of six.

The final scores were as follows:

      Glorney: England 16, Ireland 15.5, Scotland 5.5, Wales 3.
      Faber: England 10.5, Ireland 7.5, Scotland 7.5, Wales 6.5, England B 6.5,      England C 6.5.
      Under 14 England 26, Ireland 20, Wales 14.5, England Bishops 14, Scotland 13, England Knights 2.5.
      Under 12 England 26.5, Ireland 18, Scotland 16, England Knights 12, Wales 9.5, England Bishops 8.

    Ian Eustis