“Ymosodiad Dewr; Amddyffyniad Sicr”

Minutes of the 2003 Annual General Meeting 17/5/03


  • Members Present: Peter Bevan, Kevin Staveley, Anthony Baker, Andrew Hennessey, Beryl Hughes, John Thornton, Ian Eustis,  Russell Doddington, Jon Gilbert,  Leighton Williams,  Hugh Price, Mark Adams, Debbie Evans – Quek, Suan Evans – Quek.
  • 1.   Apologies for Absence:  An apology was received from Huw James.

2.    Minutes of 2002 AGM:  These were accepted without comment.

3.    Matters Arising:  There were no matters arising.

4.    Director’s Reports:  Verbal reports were given to the meeting by Andrew Hennessey (International), Jon
       Gilbert (Home), Mark Adams (Grading Officer), Suan Evans-Quek (FIDE Delegate), Debbie Evans-Quek
       (Media) and Suan Evans-Quek (Publicity and Development). No report was received from Dafydd Johnston

       (Chairman of Selectors).

5.    Treasurer’s Report: Anthony Baker, as Treasurer then presented his report to the meeting. After some debate
       the meeting then accepted the report without further comment.

6.    (a) Annual Report of the Executive Director Peter Bevan gave his annual report as Executive Director,
       which was accepted without comment.

7.    Proposed changes to Constitution: Proposalb 1 and 2 were carried by the meeting. Proposal 3 and
        amendments were defeated.

8.    Election of Officers: The following were elected: (a) President – Kevin Staveley,  (b) Executive Director –
       Peter Bevan, (c) Treasurer – Anthony Baker, (d) Directors of (i) International Chess – Andrew Hennessey,

       (ii)  Home Chess – Jon Gilbert, (iii) Junior Chess – Russell Dodington, (iv) Media – Debbie Evans–Quek,
       (v) Publicity and Development- Suan Evans – Quek, (vi) Grading Officer – Mark Adams. The following were
       also elected: (a) Chairman of Selectors – Leighton Williams, (b) FIDE Delegate – Suan Evans–Quek,

       (c) Ladies FIDE Delegate – Debbie Evans–Quek, (d) Chief Arbiter – Peter Purland, (e) Deputy Executive
       Director – Mark Adams.  Director of Ladies Chess – Beryl Hughes. At this point Kevin Staveley wished it to
       be recorded that he thanked all directors for their efforts during the past year.  

9.   Presidents Remarks: Kevin Staveley then addressed the meeting as President. This was received without

10. Honoraria: The following honoraria were approved by the meeting:

      Executive Director - Ј130

      International Director - Ј60

      Grading Officer - Ј60

      Treasurer - Ј60

      Home Director - Ј60

      Junior Director - Ј60

      There being no further business the meeting then closed.