“Ymosodiad Dewr; Amddyffyniad Sicr”

Dyfed Congress (Fishguard)

18-20 Feb 05

A total of 82 players took part in 3 sections as follows:-


1st=  D. James (Atticus) & S. Zeidler (Nationwide)    4/5
3rd=  R.S.Jones (Nidum),  I.C.Jones (Cardigan)  &  F.May  (Abergavenny)   3Ѕ

22 played.

MAJOR  (Under  1800)

1st=  K. Hannah (Penarth) & R.N.Allen (Downend & Fishpond)   4/5

3rd=  G. Thomas (Mushrooms), P.M.S. Parkes (Neath),  P. Bridges (Nelson)  & S.  Williams (Cwmbran)   3Ѕ

28 played.

MINOR   (Under 1500)

1st =   A.V. Silver (Church Stretton),  S. Webster (York),  N.G. Andrews
(York),R.G. Sendall (Fishguard),  T. Barlow  (Cardigan),  &  J. Burrows (Nidum)   4/5

32 played.

A six-way tie for 1st place taking all the prize money!

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