“Ymosodiad Dewr; Amddyffyniad Sicr”

Welsh Chess Union: Annual General Meeting 2006.


Date / Time: Thursday 15th June 2006 at 7:30pm.

Venue: The Vale Hotel, nr Llantrisant.

Chairman: Geoffrey Tyrrell (President)


1. Apologies for Absence

Apologies for absence were received from:

Leighton Williams (Executive Director), Wilf Arnold (Deputy Executive Director), Vivian Martin, I.G. White and David James (FIDE delegate).


The meeting sent best wishes to Leighton for a speedy recovery from his current stay in hospital.


2. Minutes of the 2005 AGM

The minutes presented by Howard Williams (Treasurer) were accepted.


3. Officers’ Reports

Reports were accepted from the following:


a) Treasurer

Howard Williams presented the accounts which had been audited by the auditor, Mr. A Baker. Questions were taken from the floor, with emphasis on the provision of the discretionary grant from the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG). Opinions were expressed that the new incoming Management Board should encourage dialogue with the WAG to increase the WCU’s profile in order to ensure its continued support.

Major savings had been achieved by securing the Vale Hotel as a free venue for the 2006 Welsh Championships.

Mr. Hugh Price suggested that the Treasurer should investigate the possibility of financial gain through the tax relief paid in respect of individuals’ contributions to sporting bodies.


b) Director of International Chess

Tim Kett presented his report on international activity for the year, and stated that he would not be standing for re-election due to other commitments. The meeting congratulated the two Olympiad teams on their performances in Turin 2006, with particular mention worthy of Richard Jones on achieving an IM norm, and Leighton Williams on almost achieving Wales’s first ever GM norm.


c) Grading Officer

Rej Jones advised the meeting that due to BCF/ECF restructuring, some individual members from North Wales will be joining the WCU.

Rej requested that all results from junior events should be sent to the grading officers, and that when providing results for selection purposes, details of opponents should be provided too so that the selection committee can better assess player progress.

Questions from the floor related to Quick Play ratings, and frequency of grade publications.


d) Director of Junior Chess

Russell Dodington’s report was accepted by the meeting. Participation in the Glorney/Faber tournaments is expected to change significantly as participating countries react differently to the organisational changes of hosting it.


e) Director of Planning and Development

Kevin Thomas reported on the new WCU e-newsletter of which 2 editions have been distributed, with a third planned for September. Questions from the floor related to the need for the involvement of local and national press in publicising the WCU’s activities.


f) Chairman of Selectors

The Chairman of Selectors, Leighton Williams, was not able to submit a report due to illness. In Leighton’s absence, Rej Jones responded to questions from the floor. The meeting agreed that the Selection Committee should ensure that everyone who is selected to represent the WCU should have written notification of their selection which would confirm their selection and provide evidence when requesting absence from schools, colleges or employers in order to attend the event.


g) Director of Home Chess

Glyn Sinnett provided a report of the results of the various competitions held this year, and asked that any contributions to the yearbook should be sent to him by the first week in July.


h) Director of Ladies’ Chess

Diana Adams reported on the division of Women’s responsibilities within the main committees and thanked the organisers of the Welsh Championships and the Welsh Individual Rapid Play tournaments for incorporating the Women’s competitions into these events.


The chairman thanked all the officers for their reports and for their efforts during the year.

The Director of Media and Publicity did not provide a report.


4. Proposals for amendments to the constitution


(a) The term ‘Treasurer’ be replaced by the term ‘Finance Director’ wherever it occurs. Carried unanimously.


(b) All references to the Director of ‘Ladies Chess’ be replaced by references to Director of ‘Women’s Chess’. Carried unanimously.


(c) All references to ‘Media’ and ‘Planning and Development’ or ‘Publicity and Development’ be changed to read ‘Publicity’ (in the cases referring to ‘Media’), and ‘Development’ (in cases referring to ‘Planning and Development’ or ‘Publicity and Development’). Carried unanimously.


(d) A new officer’s post be created, and added to those listed in 6(i)(f), that of ‘Rapid Play Grading Officer’. This officer will not have a position on the Welsh Chess Union’s Management Board. Carried unanimously.


(e) Change 9(i)(e) to ‘Residence in Wales for at least two years immediately before the event in question.’ Carried unanimously.


f) Change the first sentence of 9(iii)(d) to ‘Residence in Wales throughout the three years ending immediately prior to the selection meeting for the event.’ Carried unanimously.


g) That the Management Board may make minor drafting changes without significant, substantive effect to the constitution, in order to ensure clarity and consistency of wording. For: 9  Against: 9. The Chairman referred the matter to the new Management Board, therefore this proposal was rejected.


4.2 A proposal by Leighton Williams, seconded by Glyn Sinnett, to amend eligibility criteria for Closed Championships was withdrawn after discussion, with the expectation that the new Management Board would review the criteria and take into account the pamphlet of Selection Procedures and Qualification produced by Kevin Staveley when a similar review was conducted a few years ago.


4.3 Registration Fees

The Management Board’s proposal to increase Registration fees for annual membership with effect from 2006/2007 to:

Adults: ?10

Juniors ?7 was carried unanimously.


5. Election of Officers

The following officers were elected unopposed:


a) President    Geoffrey Tyrrell

b) Vice President:   T. Llewelyn Jones

c) Executive Director:   Leighton Williams

d) Deputy Executive Director: Wilf Arnold

e) Finance Director:   Howard Williams

f) Director of Home Chess  Glyn Sinnett

g) Director of Junior Chess  Ian Eustis

h) Director of International Chess: David Sully

i) Director of Publicity:  (UNFILLED – Management Board to appoint)

j) Grading Officer:   Rej Jones

k) Director of Development:  Kevin Thomas

l) Director of Women’s Chess: Diana Adams

m) Chairman of Selectors:  Leighton Williams

n) FIDE Delegate:   David James

o) Chief Arbiter:   Peter Purland

p) Rapid Play Grading Officer: Kevin Staveley



6. Auditor

Mr. A. Baker was elected as auditor.


7. Appointment of Honorary Members

Mr. Hugh Price was elected Honorary Member.


8. Honoraria

Honoraria were voted to the Executive and Home Directors (?130 each) and to the Year Book Editor, Grading Officer, Finance Director, Junior Director and International Director (?60 each).


9. Any Other Business

Gary Wakeham requested the meeting’s permission to ask about progress with the work started last year to select a new WCU logo, and kindly offered his services in any future work required by the Management Board in this area.


The meeting closed at 10:00pm.