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7/1/09 16:55

Robert Taylor

Hello Adam
The January is "Official" and has the same status as previous ones. The real change is that it has been published much more quickly, not after a delay of 4 or 5 months. For that I must thank my colleagues. From now on there will be two lists a year, January 1st and July 1st.
It is up to event organisers which list they use. For instance, eligibility for the Major and Minor at Fishguard will be based on the old list. Some players will already have entered, or decided to enter. The controller may use the new ratings for pairings, of course. For the same reason eligibility for the Welsh KO Cups will not be affected.
In Gwent, the League has decided to use the old list for eligibility, but the new one for board order, with immediate effect. Perhaps East Glam and West Wales will adopt the same procedure in 2010.

6/1/09 19:14


Hi Mark,
I'm writing firstly to congratulate Robert Taylor and others who contribute to the live gradings, available via the web-site. I have a few questions though. The New WCU January Rating List is announced on the web-site. Is this official ? Are we to have a twice yearly update of the grading lists, as per the FIDE list for the top rated players in the world ? Are we to select zonal league teams in accordance with these updates or with the lists publish in the zonal league and Welsh handbooks once a year ? Which lists will be used for tournaments e.g. Fishguard ? Will the official line be made crystal clear and shouldn't this have been done before the announcement of the January list on the web-site ? I can see this causing many disputes over board order in league and cup games and in tournament entries, for example. A little clarity would be appreciated and in a hurry.