“Ymosodiad Dewr; Amddyffyniad Sicr”

Welsh Chess Union

Annual General Meeting: 15 June 2006

Registration Fees


The Management Board propose that registration fees for the 2006/07 season be raised as follows:

Adults: Ј10 (from Ј8)

Juniors: Ј7 (from Ј6)



1. Registration fees have remained at current levels for ten years. Prices generally have increased by about 30% in this period. The increase proposed is 25% for adults and 16.7% for juniors.

2. Fees represent about 50% (currently about Ј4,500) of the WCU’s income.  Most of the balance comes from a discretionary grant (Ј5,000) from public funds, nowadays paid by the Welsh Assembly Government.

3. WCU expenditure can be divided in three categories:

core functions

junior chess

other discretionary expenditure

4. Core functions include producing the yearbook (the biggest single item), running the web-site, organising the various club competitions and the Easter Congress and maintaining our membership of FIDE.  Expenditure on these functions is projected at about Ј5,700 for 2006. This is somewhat more than 2005 (Ј5,100) but significantly less than 2004 (Ј7,200). Support from the Vale Hotel has been the most significant element in bringing down these costs, notably the free venue for the 2006 Easter Congress.

5. In the past our grant has been used to help meet core expenditure but the WAG  now expects its money to be spent in line with its general policy of tackling deprivation, particularly among young people. We are increasingly required to justify the grant by specifying how we will spend it in line with that wider policy. If we wish the grant to continue it is essential that we are seen to spend it principally on promoting junior chess.

6. The Management Board have therefore come to the conclusion that in principle:

core expenditure needs to be covered by registration fees;

the grant is used to develop chess in Wales, especially junior chess, in accordance with the Assembly Government’s wider policy;

other expenditure (on special events and projects) needs to be met from sources such as sponsorship (not from fees or the grant).

7. So long as sponsorship of the Easter Congress continues, the increase proposed will go a considerable way to meeeting the first objective above and so putting the WCU’s finances on a sounder footing.


Howard Williams, Treasurer

May 2006