“Ymosodiad Dewr; Amddyffyniad Sicr”


35 moves in 75 mins plus 15 mins play to finish, unless both captains agree to a different time schedule.

Toss for colours - winner will have white on board one.

If teams are apart more than 60 miles,then a "halfway" venue may be used - sorting out and cost will be incurred by the away side.

Players must have played a minimum of 6 games for the club in previous/this season to qualify.

Any other queries please contact Glynn Sinnett (for u1800 and u1500 only)

Teams defaulting in rd1,will not be placed into the plate competition.


Welsh KO Cup 2005-6

Round 1 Results



Aberdare 1Ѕ-2Ѕ Nidum Liberals

Newport 1-3 Cardiff

Wrexham 0-4(def) Pontypridd

Caerphilly 3-1 Castell Nedd

Barry 3-1 Cwmbran

Cardigan vs White Knights (Playing Mon 29/11)




Penarth A 3-1 Bridgend

Morriston 1-3 Penarth Peers

Pontypridd 4-0 Aberystwyth

North Gwent 1-3 Aberdare

Castell Nedd 3-1 Caerphilly

Malpas 2Ѕ-1Ѕ Cardiff

Barry 1Ѕ-2Ѕ Newport




Aberystwyth 0-4 Penarth Barons

Newport 4-0(def) Morriston

Pentyrch 1-3 Pontypool

Cardiff 1-3 Pontypridd

Caerphilly 1-3 Malpas

Bridgend 3-1 Barry

Bye : Castell Nedd