“Ymosodiad Dewr; Amddyffyniad Sicr”


Qualifying Event for 2005-6




The qualifying event for next season's SWPL, as White Knights chose not to defend their place in the SWPL, consisted of just a single match played at Cardiff on Wednesday evening between the two hopefuls: Barry and Cwmbran.

Cwmbran got off to a good start when Allan St. Clair, on board 4, blundered the exchange against Ian White and resigned almost immediately. The match seemed then to drift in Barry's direction with Steve Cunliffe and Nigel Ralphs getting excellent positions against Peter Varley and Jon Gilbert. Unfortunately for Barry, Steve underestimated Peter's attacking chances, and one poor move from Steve was all that Peter needed to swing the game his way. But Barry were still in with a chance: John Riles always seemed to holding Dave Robinson on board 5 but he took the draw when he could find no safe way of chasing the win, leaving Barry needing two wins to draw the match, and qualify via bottom board elimination. John Gilbert, whose game against Nigel had been lost for some time, resigned his game leaving Robert Taylor, on board 3, trying to hold his game against Lee Davis. Lee, seeing no way to win, and getting short of time, finally offered the draw which was gratefully accepted.

So a warm welcome to Cwmbran who will be joining us next season, and commiserations to Barry who came so very very close!