“Ymosodiad Dewr; Amddyffyniad Sicr”

U-1500 Jamboree 6th February 2005

Final Scores: Gwent 12Ѕ West Wales 9Ѕ Easy Glam 8


30 players representing East Glamorgan, Gwent and West Wales took part in the WCU U1500 jamboree at Rhiwbina Recreation Club, the home of North Cardiff chess club. Although the standard of the chess reflected the grades of the players involved, the games were generally very competitive, and the players enjoyed the opportunity to play senior representative chess, many for the first time. This sort of event is the reason why the WCU needs to flourish. Gwent came with a team that was clearly stronger than its rivals, and stormed into a first round lead with 7 points to WW's 5 and EG's 3.There were noticeably no draws in this round. The 2nd round after consuming the refreshments provided, proved closer, but again Gwent outscored the other two teams with 5Ѕ against EG - 5 and WW - 4Ѕ. The last two games to finish demonstrated the lack of experience at this level, but also the fighting qualities of the players involved. One game was played to the very end with lone K+R needing to mate a lone K. The player with the rook unnecessarily continued scoring through the last 5 minutes, and ran out of time within 2 moves of mate - a draw. In the other, Black having lost on time in round 1 was unnecessarily too fast at the finish, and scrambled himself into queening a pawn with about 2 minutes remaining, in a position which terminated the game as a
stalemate. Gwent were deserving winners with 12Ѕ/20 with West Wales finishing second on 9Ѕ and East Glamorgan on 8 points. The players will no doubt be looking for more events of this kind in the future.

Round 1
D Williams (Gw) 1-0 Jimmy Borg (EG)
Steve Cox (EG) 0-1 Peter Thomas (WW)
Carl Davies (WW) 0-1 A Coles (Gw)
R Stanworth (Gw) 0-1 Paul Bevan (WW)
Joe Spooner (WW) 0-1 Kevin O'Rourke (EG)
James Evans (EG) 0-1 W Newrick (Gw)
Ken James (WW) 1-0 Julie Borg (EG)
Ray Cooke (EG) 0-1 D Green (Gw)
Sam Bassett (Gw) 1-0 Dennis Thomas (WW)
Eric Blackwell (WW) 1-0 Colin Jeffries (Gw)
Brian Hogg (Gw) 1-0 Windsor Lewis (EG)
Keith Highnam (EG) 1-0 Wayne Prescott (WW)
Clive Wheeler (EG) 0-1 A Kent (Gw)
David Bucknell (Gw) 0-1 June Evans (WW)
Janet Evans (WW) 0-1 Mike Joslin (EG)

Round 2
Peter Thomas (WW) 1-0 D Williams (Gw)
Jimmy Borg (EG) 0-1 Carl Davies (WW)
A Coles (Gw) 1/2 Steve Cox (EG)
Kevin O'Rourke (EG) 1/2 R Stanworth (Gw)
Paul Bevan (WW) 0-1 James Evans (EG)
W Newrick (Gw) 1/2 Joe Spooner (WW)
D Green (Gw) 1-0 Ken James (WW)
Julie Borg (EG) 1-0 Sam Bassett (Gw)
Dennis Thomas (WW) 1/2 Ray Cooke (EG)
Windsor Lewis (EG) 0-1 Eric Blackwell (WW)
Colin Jeffries (Gw) 1-0 Keith Highnam (EG)
Wayne Prescott (WW) 1/2 Brian Hogg (Gw)
June Evans (WW) 0-1 Clive Wheeler (EG)
A Kent (Gw) 1-0 Janet Evans (WW)
Mike Joslin (EG) 1/2 David Bucknell (Gw)