“Ymosodiad Dewr; Amddyffyniad Sicr”

  WELSH KO CUP ( Finals Day – Sunday 29th June, 2008)

The Welsh Chess Union Finals Day was held at Briton Ferry Constitutional Club
( Home to Briton Ferry Chess Club) on Sunday 29th June, 2008.

The Open Cup Final was displayed simultaneously in the lounge below for comment and analysis by Wales’ No1 player IM Leighton Williams with demonstration boards.

AM Peter Black ( South Wales West) was invited to hand out the trophies at the end of the day.Approximately 70 people turned out for the occasion ( inclusive of 48 players) and a fine day was had by all.

Many thanks to David Merryweather and the committee of the Constitutional Club for all their efforts in setting up the venue, Eric Blackwell and Brian Morris who also helped set out and put away the equipment and IM Leighton Williams who worked tirelessly for over 4 hours analysing the positions.

                OPEN ( Cup)  CARDIGAN  2.5-1.5  CARDIFF

                bd1   Howard Williams(w) 1-0  Tim Kett (b)
                bd2   Iolo Jones  1-0  Alan Spice
                bd3   Rudy vanKemenade Ѕ  John Trevelyan
                bd4   Tony Haigh  0-1  Keith Thompson

For 90% of this match, it looked as if finally Cardiff was about to break their jinx on this tournament and win the Cup, but hard earned wins by Howard Williams and Iolo Jones,swung the match in Cardigan’s favour.

                OPEN ( Plate)  CAERPHILLY 2.5-1.5  BARRY

                bd1   Ioan Rees (w)  1-0  Lee Davis
                bd2   Gwynfor Rees  1-0  Nigel Ralphs
                bd3   John Thornton  Ѕ  Steve Cunliffe
                bd4   Rod Gough  0-1  Richard Hanscombe

This match was dependant on the bd2 encounter between Nigel Ralphs and Gwynfor Rees – Nigel blundered when slightly better and handed the plate over to Caerphilly.

                U1800 (Cup)  BRIDGEND  2.5-1.5  NORTH GWENT

                bd1   Femi Adebajo(w) 1-0  Zane Allford (b)
                bd2   Mark Jones  1-0  Mark Cooke
                bd3   Mike Cleaves  0-1  Dave Green
                bd4   Mike Kearn  Ѕ  Jane Pennock

Bridgend cleaned up on the top boards, winning convincingly.

                U1800 (Plate)  ABERDARE  3.5-0.5  PENARTH

                bd1   Graham Parker (b) Ѕ  Tony Gutteridge (w)
                bd2   Steve Woodrow 1-0  James Thomas
                bd3   Mike Woodrow 1-0  Beryl Hughes
                bd4   Simon Richardson 1-0  Sam Warburton

Comprehensive win by Aberdare who thoroughly deserved their success.

                U1500 (Cup)  CASTELL NEDD 3.5-0.5  NEWPORT

                bd1   Steve Smith (b) 1-0  Simon Butler (w)
                bd2   Wayne Prescott  1-0  Mark Summers
                bd3   James Silk  1-0  Paul Kostansjek
                bd4   John Davies  Ѕ  Luke Kostansjek

Castell Nedd outplayed Newport on the top three boards to convincingly win the u15oo Cup.

                U1500 (Plate)  BARRY  3-1  BRIDGEND JEDI

                bd1   Gunter Etzmuss (b) Ѕ  Gareth Carpenter (w)
                bd2   Sam White  Ѕ  Andrew Trickey
                bd3   Dave Mahoney 1-0  Sean Day
                bd4    Winsdor Lewis 1-0  Thomas Davies

Comprehensive wins on the bottom boards for Barry, ensuring an easy win.

Glyn Sinnett ( Controller)