“Ymosodiad Dewr; Amddyffyniad Sicr”

Welsh 06



Closed (29 entries)


1st   John Trevelyan 5Ѕ/7

2nd-4th  James Cobb,Leighton Williams,Richard S Jones 5/7

5th-8th  Alan Spice,Jon L B Blackburn,Tim Kett,David Bennion 4Ѕ/7

9th-13th Ioan Rees,Michael White,Gareth Morris,Abigail Cast,Gwynfor Rees 4/7

14th-16th Pat Bennett,Joseff Thomas,Olivia Smith 3Ѕ/7

17th-24th David Sully,Rudy Van Kemenade,J D Turner,David Guy,Alan Young,Suzy Blackburn,

  Lee Davis,Craig Evans 3/7

25th  Jac Thomas 2Ѕ/7

26th-27th Carl Davies 2/7 Andrew Fish 2/5

28th-29th Steve Cunliffe,Ernest White 1Ѕ/7


John Trevelyan won his 3rd Welsh Championship and his first outright win after drawing with 1st seed James Cobb in the final round.  In 1973 he shared with Stuart Hutchings, George Botterill and Moss McCarthy, and in 1979 shared with Dave Sully. The outcome was unclear going into the final 20 minutes, until John succeeded in holding the rook and pawn ending, and Richard Jones was held by Tim Kett in an unclear position.

Abigail Cast won the Ladies Championship which is incorporated into the Closed section by defeating David Sully in round 7. Both Olivia Smith and Suzy Blackburn scored well, with the latter having excellent practice for the forthcoming Olympiad.

The Under 21 championship was won by Jon L B Blackburn with 4Ѕ/7, with two excellent results against James Cobb and Richard Jones in rds 2&3.

Finally, the grading prize was leveled off at under 2102 - with David Bennion scoring 4Ѕ/7.


U2050 (30 entries)


1st  Kevin Thomas 6Ѕ/7

2nd  Nigel Beveridge 5Ѕ/7

3rd-5th  Craig Woolcock,Ian Eustis,John Bowers 5/7

6th  Joe Fathallah 4Ѕ/7

7th-11th John Waterfield,Bill Hunt,Paul Bridges,Deio Parri,Julie Wilson 4/7

12th-14th Simon Gottschalk,Paul Tew,Hugh Price 3Ѕ/7

15th-19th  Paul Kelly,Robert Hurn,Jeremy Jones,Yinglun Teng,Larry Khanna 3/7

20th-22nd Alec Wood,Peter Bollada,James Thomas 2Ѕ/7

23rd-27th Jon E W Blackburn,Sandra Blackburn 2/7 Dai James,Will Harwood,David Jiles 2/5

28th  Stephen Williams 1/1

29th-30th Guy Wagner 0/2 Beryl Hughes 0/1


Kevin Thomas steamrollered the field and won the tournament after six rounds (admittedly in a few dubious positions !!) to win the Tom Weston Major u2050. Nigel Beveridge secured 2nd place with a final round win against Bill Hunt, and 3rd place was shared between Craig Woolcock, Ian Eustis & John Bowers.

The Grading prize (u1750) was shared between Deio Parri and Julie Wilson with 4/7.


U1500 (19 entries)


1st  Steve Vickery 5Ѕ/7

2nd-3rd  Phil Smith,W J Elworthy 5/7

4th-5th  David Cleverly,Alex Wills 4Ѕ/7

6th-10th Howard James,Ian Finlay,P A Brain,Adam Howell,Ashley Davis 4/7

11th  John Basterfield 3Ѕ/7

12th-13th Scott Hammett 3/7 Alan Fisher 3/6

14th-16th Joe Spooner 2Ѕ/7 Kevin O`Rourke 2Ѕ/6 Hal Startin 2Ѕ/5

17th   Danny Gottschalk 1Ѕ/7

18th-19th R Jiles,Uttej Narayan 1/5


Steve Vickery of Malpas won the John Bishop Minor u1500, with 5Ѕ/7, on the back of a 3/3 finish to win by 1/2 point from Phil Smith and W J Elworthy.

David Cleverly and Alex Wills shared the grading prize(u1300) with 4Ѕ/7.


Firstly, a big thank you must go to Geoff Tyrrell and Colin Gilbert for opening the championships.

Secondly, for Howard Williams for closing and issuing the winners with their trophies.

And, lastly and most importantly, the arbiters Wilf Arnold & Richard E Jones who controlled matters efficiently.


All the games have been kindly downloaded on to the Welsh Chess Union by John Thornton and will appear soon on the Welsh Base archive site.


Glyn Sinnett - WCU Home Director & Congress Secretary.