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       The East Glamorgan Minor League 2007-8 has started!


      Following discussions between the WCU Management Board, East Glamorgan and interested clubs the new minor League finally got under way last night when the Cathedral School defeated Penarth Juniors 3-1.  The second match between Cardiff and Barry juniors will take place this evening. 


      East Glamorgan used as its model the successful minor league in Swansea.  The league is a bridge from primary school chess to adult chess and its rules are intended to be junior-friendly.  The main rules are:


                      1.  Games to start no later than 7.15pm;


                      2.  Games are played to a finish with each player having 1hour and 5 minutes to complete all his moves;


                      3.  Each team must include at least two juniors;


                      4.  Nobody with a grade of more than 1350 is eligible to play.


  If any clubs or schools would like to play friendly matches against a Minor League side would they please contact either the League Controller, Lee Davis at seadevil@btinternet.com  or me, David Sully , the WCU Development Officer, at davidsully@msn.com.


David Sully


17th October 2007