“Ymosodiad Dewr; Amddyffyniad Sicr”

Guernsey Chess Festival – October 2008

This delightful annual event attracted around 120 players in two sections from more than a dozen different countries including 3 GM’s. Six Welsh players (four from the Cardiff Club who narrowly missed out on the European Club Cup over the same period) took part in the top section and all enjoyed the delightful setting, excellent food and hospitality and old-fashioned, leisurely time limit (50 moves in 2.5 hours) !

Results were as follows:

Tim Kett


=4th place

Alan Spice


Drew with GM Kevin Spraggett (2578)

Tom Brown


Won under 2025 rating prize

Keith Downey



Huw Morcom



Guy Wagner



The tournament was won by Swedish GM Tiger Hillarp Persson (6.5/7) ahead of the other two GM’s Kevin Spraggett and Bojan Kurajica (both 5.5)