“Ymosodiad Dewr; Amddyffyniad Sicr”
Founded 1954

U1500 ‘Jamboree’  Ebbw Vale 26th October 2008
Gwent - East Glamorgan 9-board match

Other commitments prevented WW from attending the jamboree which was run as a 9-board match between Gwent and EG.  The captains agreed to change opponents for Round 2, and to keep colours roughly equal in each round, the boards were paired with the colour sequence as given.

                                                                                                  Round 1
                                                                                             Gwent     E Glam
                                                                              Phil Smith (W)   1-0 Sam White
                                                                              June Pennock (W)  Ѕ-Ѕ Frank Trombley
                                                                              Lyn Holland (B)   Ѕ-Ѕ  Keith Forward
                                                                              Mark Emblem (B)  0-1 Sioned Rees
                                                                              Alun Thompson (W)  0-1 Simon Blackmore
                                                                              Howard James (W)  0-1 Mike Joslin
                                                                              Mark Summers (B)  0-1 Brenda Miles
                                                                              George Davies (B)  0-1 Angelo Gauci
                                                                              Roger Lockyer (W)  1-0 Clive Wheeler

Early results favoured East Glamorgan with Angelo Gauci crashing through on the K-side against George Davies, Mike Joslin netting material throughout the game against Howard James, and Sioned Rees mating Mark Emblem in mid-board after a complicated struggle.  The points continued to pile up - Simon Blackmore winning the following game against Alun Thompson where the enterprising 18...Rxf3 was not the best move, but caused panic enough to win a piece and shortly after the game.

Alun Thompson (1282) – Simon Blackmore (1399) D12 Gwent – East Glamorgan U1500 match – board 5
1.d4 d5  2.c4 c6  3.Nc3 Nf6  4.Nf3 Bf5  5.e3 e6  6.cxd5 exd5  7.a3 Bd6  8.Bd3 Ne4  9.0-0 Nd7
10.Re1 0-0  11.Qc2 Ndf6  12.Nh4 Bg6 (missing 12…Bxh2+ 13.Kxh2?! Ng4+  14.Kh3?? Ngxf2+ and mates)  13.Nxg6 fxg6  14.Nxe4 dxe4  15.Bxe4 Ng4!? 16.Bf3? ( 16…f4!) Nxh2  17.Qc4+?
Kh8 18.Qe2 Rxf3?! (The simple 18…Nf3! or 18…Qh4! are both better) 19.g3?? (19.gxf3 is a big improvement – White is much better but does not have a clear win after this) Qf6  20.Kg2 Rf8    0-1

Brenda Miles who had won a Rook quite early claimed her full point, and other games were going quite well for EG.

Roger Lockyer started the Gwent fight-back, by outplaying Clive Wheeler in an ending, which was lost at the stage where he donated Clive a Bishop to remain the exchange down.  Phil Smith also outplayed Sam White in the ending, ultimately winning on time.  Keith Forward couldn’t convert an extra Pawn against Lyn Holland and Jane Pennock’s lone R+N v R eventually mopped up all Frank Trombley’s many pawns, and the draw was agreed with her flag about to fall, and Rooks coming off.  So the score was 6-3 to EG after Round 1.

                                                                                                  Round 2
East Glam    Gwent
                                                                              Sam White (W)   1-0 Jane Pennock
                                                                              Frank Trombley (W)  Ѕ-Ѕ  Phil Smith
                                                                              Keith Forward (B)  Ѕ-Ѕ Mark Emblem
                                                                              Sioned Rees (B)  Ѕ-Ѕ Lyn Holland
                                                                              Simon Blackmore (W)  0-1 Howard James
                                                                              Mike Joslin (W)   Ѕ-Ѕ  Alun Thompson
                                                                              Brenda Miles (B)  1-0 George Davies
                                                                              Angelo Gauci (B)  Ѕ-Ѕ  Mark Summers
                                                                              Clive Wheeler (W)  1-0 Roger Lockyer

After the buffet lunch, the afternoon games were much more peaceful.
Clive Wheeler ensured no endgame problems this time by posting a big attack down the K-side, twice sacrificing a piece.  Keith Forward v Mark Emblem was drawn fairly quickly and Mark Summers was unable to squeeze a win out of an endgame where he was initially better.  Sam White’s win ensured EG would win the event, while Brenda Miles was the only player to win both games.  Howard James outplayed Simon Blackmore competently to gain Gwent’s only win in Round 2.  The board 2 game looked worryingly as if it could go on for an hour or more after all the other games had finished, but the players obligingly agreed a draw when they knew they were the last game and nothing depended on the result.
East Glamorgan were left as deserving winners by 11.5-6.5

My thanks to Sarah Kett for the bulk of the organisation, the captains Simon Butler and Gary Wakeham for getting the teams together, the players for being co-operative throughout, and to North Gwent chess club for providing a pleasant venue and most of the equipment. 
John D Thornton (arbiter)