“Ymosodiad Dewr; Amddyffyniad Sicr”
Founded 1954

U1700 Jamboree 2008-9

U1700 Jamboree Report

This was held at the Visteon, home of the Morriston Chess Club, in Swansea on 25 January 2009.  Having selected a strong side, the West Wales match captain was optimistic that his team would do will, but his expectations were very wide of the mark, as the other two counties proceeded to demolish his hopes in short order !  At the end of round one the scores were:

 Gwent 6.5;   East Glamorgan 5;   West Wales 3.5

In the second round Gwent scored 4.5 points while East Glamorgan had 5 with one game remaining.  This was Batmanghelich v Jones.  Jones built up a strong kingside attack winning decisive material and the game.  An oversight then allowed a counter attack, winning decisive material and the game.  The scores were tied at eleven each, so the controller referred to his rules and found that ties were to be resolved by discounting all games against the third team (West Wales).  Frantic counting and checking with both concerned match captains ensued and the result finally emerged – Gwent the winners by one point !

The Visteon proved an enjoyable buffet and, as controller, I had very little to do apart from resolving the tie break.  As the time allocated to us at the club was limited, I must express my thanks to all the players (except one from West Wales ! ) for arriving early and thus ensuring a prompt start.

Ian Eustis