“Ymosodiad Dewr; Amddyffyniad Sicr”

WCU  U-1700  Jamboree

The competition is open to teams of 10 players from each zone, with grades of 1699 or below.  Teams are to be played in order of playing strength in round 1.  Whilst captains can use their discretion within a maximum of 80 points, there should be evidence (e.g. from the Gwent/EG up to date ratings) of good or poor recent form if captains are to play out of grading order where the published  2008 grades differ by more than 40 points.

Team order will remain the same for Round 2.  

Known defaults in Round 1 must be from the lowest board upwards.  Late substitutes will be allowed in round 1, but if these are playing out of board order, the actual result for round 1 will be used for grading purposes, but the game result will be scored 0-1 to the opponents for the purposes of the jamboree.  The round 2 game will be scored normally.

Reserves/substitutes may be used in Round 2, but must play on the board where they are substituting regardless of grading. 

If there are 3 or 4 teams the games will be played on a jamboree pairing system.  If there are 2 teams, there will be a double round match – the arbiter would agree with captains before the first game, whether they preferred the same opponents with opposite colours, or whether the opponents for each pair of boards 1 and 2, 3 and 4 etc should switch.

The winner will be the team with the highest total game points after deduction of any penalties.

Play will be at the rate of 35 moves in 1hr 15 minutes then clocks back 15 minutes and play to a finish

Please confirm entry of a team from your zone to
Sarah Kett – Home Director -   kettsarah@yahoo.co.uk  by midnight on Sunday 18th January to enable orders for refreshments to be confirmed

Please send team lists, in board order, including intended substitutes by 12 noon on Saturday 24th January to
 Ian Eutice - ianrhos@hotmail.com or phone (01792) 862 115